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Vinyl Sleeves Printing.


Printmasta is first and foremost a CD/DVD manufacturer, but it is also a printing house for disc packaging including vinyl sleeves printing. High-quality products, fast order processing and shipping, and comprehensive customer service. All this is provided by the Printmast team. The company prints records using several printing methods, including those such as offset printing, digital printing and screen printing. Thanks to these techniques, the graphics are clear and durable, and the price for the whole thing is very affordable. The services offered can be used by both individual and business customers who make bulk orders. The company will meet any requirements, even if the ordering parties are lovers of retro style and vinyl records. This is because the offer includes the printing of vinyl sleeves packaging, which can contain a photo, inscription or graphics in any color, even metallic and fluorescent. Such original, fully personalized vinyl packaging is a great gift idea for collectors of this type of records.

Cardboard packaging for vinyl.

Although there are many music media on the market nowadays that provide high-quality sound, some people still choose vinyl records played on a turntable. Besides, recordings on a vinyl record sound really excellent, the sound is clear and very pleasant to the ears. When collecting vinyl records, care should be taken to store them properly, for which there are special boxes. If the box gets damaged, Printmasta comes to the rescue. The company has recently offered not only CD/DVD packaging printing, but also vinyl sleeves printing. The design of the graphics to be placed on the cardboard box simply needs to be sent to the e-mail address provided on the website cdprintmasta.com, and the specialists will take care of the order in the shortest possible time. Vinyl sleeves for vinyl records from Printmasta can have a matte or glossy finish. The durable print looks very impressive and is resistant to abrasion. Order vinyl packaging for a loved one who loves retro style and relaxing sounds, making them very happy.vinyl sleeves printing

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